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  • Pattern Number: c10
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T.D.(mm) STD.RIM



MAX LOAD S.W.(mm) O.D.(mm)
驱动轮 转向轮
(kg) (kg)


27 5.00S 10 3105 2390 192 683
18X7-8 RESILIENT TIRES 17 4.33R 10 2430 1870 170 457
6.00-9 RESILIENT TIRES 24 4.00E 10 1975 1520 160 545

Pneumatic Tyre Rim Solid Tyre

The pneumatic tyre rim solid tyre and the pneumatic tyre can be exchanged. The pneumatic tyre rim solid tyre has high load resistance, low rolling resistance, wear resistance, puncture resistance and high running stability. Due to the special three-layer rubber materials and the counter-arc design on sides of tyre, the shock can be effectively absorbed and the riding comfort is quite good. For specially designed base glue and a reinforced steel ring, the ring slipping phenomenon is effectively eliminated.


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